Easy Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

This style is perfect for grand events and even for brides for pre-wedding functions and ceremonies. Henceforth, this is perfectly good

Tiny Braid Hairdo

Braid short hair look keeps the hair away from the face. To get this look, part the hair into three sections neatly

Braid Lock with Bun

This is a classic look for those with curly hair. To get this look, part the hair into 3 sections neatly, so you can braid horizontally.

Braid Look with Curly

Mainly meant for bridesmaids, at weddings. To get this look, part the hair into 3 sections neatly, so you can braid horizontally

Braid Look with Crimped

Meant for those with straight hair. Comb hair properly to get rid of knots. Part the hair into two sections, keep a middle section separate.

Straight Hair

Waterfall braid on braid is done here diagonally to get this lookout. It is done in a way that the hair patterns are quite visible clearly.

Braids Waterfall Look

This waterfall braided look is similar to the previous ones. Take a section of the hair from the middle. Part the hair into 3 sections neatly

Braid From The Center

Diagonal braid, except this one goes zigzag. It is not easy to achieve this look, and one needs a stylist to work on this style

Zigzag Cascade Look

Waterfall braid from the side and tie a ribbon at the end. You can even add further hair accessories or flowers as you wish.

Braid with Ribbon

Adding a messy bun to this type of waterfall braid, takes it to a new level by adding features. You look prettier in this messy bun   

Braid with Messy Bun

This waterfall braid twist hairstyle is a mix and match combo of a twist waterfall braid and conventional Dutch braid.

Braids Twist Combo

A waterfall bun is suitable to keep your hair out of your face. It suits your face shape and adds slight height to your face

Updo Waterfall Bun

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