Duke beat Virginia
by 65-61

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Duke beat Virginia 65-61, as has become customary recently.

The 36-year-old won the women's snowboard cross event on Wednesday, giving the USA its first gold. She's also the oldest gold medalist.

Duke led by eight at the half, and Virginia never got close to catching up.

After the game in Durham, Duke was not going to allow Virginia win inside.

Only two of Jayden Gardner's 16 second-half points were close. Kaden Shedrick, the first to kill Duke, had. Mark Williams blocked two consecutive chippies, shaking Francisco Caffaro.

Then they kept chipping away. Jeremy Roach and AJ Griffin agreed it was a good night for a huge game for Duke.

Roach scored 15 points on 6-7 shooting from the field, breaking through Virginia's stout defence numerous times.

With 3:44 left, Griffin sank a three to put Duke up 55-51, then another with 2:44 left to put the Devil up by five.

We've said it before: Virginia shines in the clutch. Tony Bennett is the best since Dean Smith.

So we were stunned when AJ Griffin got the ball with :16 left. Duquesne led by four points after Trevor Keels split his free throws.

With :04 left, Clark scored again for the Hoos, cutting the advantage to 63-61.

You're never safe with Virginia. We didn't breath until AJ Griffin fouled both.

It's a Duke-Virginia matchup, so expect high tension, tough play, and a close game. It's not fun, but it's always a man's game.

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