Doja Cat Cover
In Super Bowl Ad

Doja Cat goes from rap star to rockstar in Taco Bell's Super Bowl comeback. Once you see commercial and hear Doja sing, you might wonder if she’s unleashing a new tune.

The “Say So” singer covered Hole's 1998 alternative rock tune “Celebrity Skin” for Taco Bell's first Super Bowl commercial since 2016.

Check out the lyrics of Doja Cat's song cover in Taco Bell's Super Bowl 2022 advertisement.

In the 30-second spot, the brand returns to the Super Bowl after a five-year absence. The commercial is set at Clownus Conformus, a clown reformatory.

Doja is seated in the gloomy cafeteria with her classmates when she lifts her clown cone hat and discovers a surprise. Cue her head-banging-worthy Hole song cover and a whole lot of pandemonium.

Doja and her buddies drove a clown vehicle through the university gates. The car roof flies off, taking the clown makeup and outfits with it.

“Hey, there's only us left now,” Doja sings, as the clowns discover a packet of Taco Bell Fire sauce under Doja's hat. Doja seemed to be living más.

Doja initially teased her Taco Bell duet on Twitter on Feb. 2. The tweet included a clown, school, siren, taco, and bell emojis, as well as the date “2/13/2022”.

The music was officially released on Feb. 10, and Doja will be featured in the Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial on Feb. 13.

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