Different Haircut Numbers and Hair Clipper Sizes

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Taper is a common term used by barbers. It means the length of your hair will gradually decrease from top to bottom. No clippers are used in tapering while it doesn’t require a short haircut.

1. Taper

Fade means the change of length from top to bottom so that it seems to fade out. Some people get confused between taper and fade due to the similarity, but both are different in looks.

2. Fade

The choice of texture depends on your hair type. Curly, thick, and thin hair textures differ from each other.

3. Texture

Sideburns are another important factor in a haircut that one shouldn’t ignore if he wants to get a perfect haircut.

4. Sideburns

Buzz haircut is categorized in short haircuts and is known as a military haircut. Extremely short top hair, side fades, and thin sideburns are used in a buzz cut. 

5. Buzz Cut

Crew cut is another most demanded haircut that you can achieve by giving an even haircut at the top of the head, and clipper tapers are used at the sides and back of the head to make fades.

6. Crew Cut

Harvard, Brown, and Princeton Clip are other names of Ivy League haircuts. Most barbers use scissors instead of clippers to maintain the top shape at the top head.

7. Ivy League

Peaked or taper haircut is the perfect example of a businessman’s haircut. The top head hair length of this haircut is about 2 inches.

8. Businessman Haircut

Caesar cut involves small side tapering or no tapering. To make fringes on the forehead, leave one-inch hair at the top while the rest of the hair is left untouched.

9. Caesar Cut

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