Definitive Guide to the Modern Day Perm

Traditional Perm

Traditional perms are created using hard perm rods with a rubber band that hold the hair onto the rod. These may be the rods you remember when you think back to sitting in a salon

Olaplex Perm

An additional option that can be incorporated into a traditional perm is an Olaplex Perm. Olaplex is a bond rebuilder, it helps repair and protect bonds in the hair.

Perm Styles

If you decided to go with a traditional perm you can still get a spiral perm wrap, or brick lay pattern wrap and get a lot of texture to your hair.

Braid Perm

French braid perms have recently become a new trend. Instead of using traditional perm methods of wrapping around perm rods, the hair is braided into one or multiple braids

Man Perm

Men can also enjoy the added texture to their hair. Depending on their length a man can either perm his whole head or just the top, utilizing a partial perm method.

Root Perm

A root perm could be an option you might choose, A root perm is applied only to the first 2-4 inches of the hair. This gives some extra body at the scalp allowing your hair

Digital Perms

You may have heard “buzz” about digital perms. The difference between a digital perm and a traditional perm is that the digital perm uses heat from within the rods to process.

Beach Wave Perm

Current hair trends are leaving people lusting after loose wave perms that are more organic beachy waves.To wash their hair, throw a little product in and look like.

American Wave Perm

A new kind of perm solution has just become available recently on the market, the Arrojo American Wave perm. The American Wave Perm solution is a gentle formula only restructuring

Perm Care

You might be nervous about what to expect when getting a perm. Be aware you will need to wait 48 hours after your perm to wash your hair. It is recommended that you use sulfate free shampoos

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