Dan Bongino
Permanently Ban
by Youtube

After previously being suspended
for violating YouTube's COVID misinformation policy, conservative political commentator Dan Bongino was permanently banned on Wednesday.

Bongino's primary
and secondary channels for his programme have been deactivated, and he will not be permitted to register new accounts.

The presenter said
earlier this week on the video platform that he was preparing to leave his YouTube channel, which has 900,000 followers on the primary channel.

He has also mentioned leaving Twitter over what he claimed to be anti-conservative bias on the social platform.

After posting a video
suggesting that masks are "useless" in preventing the spread of COVID, the pundit's YouTube channel was momentarily blocked and demonetized earlier this month.

The suspension duration
was one week. That was the Fox News personality's first strike in the platform's three-strike system.

A permanent ban is
imposed after three strikes in 90 days. The suspension hasn't gone away: On YouTube, he has 870,000 subscribers.

Bongino also actively posts videos on Rumble, the YouTube competitor platform aimed at conservatives.

Rumble was founded
by Bongino, who was an early investor. Rumble's "The Dan Bongino Show" has over 2 million followers and uploads entire episodes.