Czech singer Hana Horka dies after avoiding vaccine

Hana Horka, 57, was unvaccinated and claimed to be recuperating after testing positive on social media, but she died two days later.

Jan Rek, her son, claims she was afflicted on purpose when he and his father were infected with the virus so she could receive a recovery permit to enter particular locations.

"Because we tested positive, she should have been separated for a week. She was, however, with us the entire time "he stated

Many social and cultural establishments in the Czech Republic, like as theatres, pubs, and caf├ęs, demand proof of vaccination or recent infection with the virus.

Asonance, one of the oldest Czech folk ensembles, was his mother's group. Mr Rek indicated that she wanted to capture Covid because it would allow her to roam about more freely.

She stated on social media two days before she died that she was recovering: "Now there will be theatre, sauna, and a concert."

"It was all done in about 10 minutes," her son claimed. "She suffocated to death."

Despite the fact that his mother was unvaccinated, Jan Rek stated that she did not believe in some of the more odd conspiracy claims around Covid vaccinations.

The number of Covid cases in the Czech Republic reached a new daily high on Wednesday, with 28,469 cases reported in a population of 10.7m people.

In the Czech Republic, the number of Covid cases reached a new daily record on Wednesday, with 28,469 instances reported in a population of 10.7 million people.