Curly Hairstyles For Women

Box Braids

We’re starting off with some simple and basic black girl hairstyles. Box braids have been a style staple in the past few years.

Updated Box Braids

Now that we’ve seen what the basic version looks like, here’s how you can build on that. These are blonde box braids and they are also jumbo, not thin.

The Curly Bob

Black girl hairstyles don’t necessarily have to be only those traditional ones that you’ll already thinking of. For example

The Blonde Afro

There are many versions of the afro you can try when it comes to black girl hairstyles, but this just happens to be one of our favorites.

French Braids Top

The amazing thing about black girl hairstyles is that you can mix and match them. For example, you can start off with a few French braids 

 Colorful Space Buns

Space buns have been a very cool trend over these past years. They started off as a festival hairstyle, but girls love them so much that they started wearing them every day.

Jumbo Goddess Braids

When it comes to goddess braids, you have two options. You can either go the classical way and have multiple braids all over your head

Stone Gray Hair with Undertones

Speaking of divas, here is one hair color that is bound to transform you in the neighborhood diva overnight. It’s a matte stony gray complete with extensions.

Adorable Black Girl Hairstyles

It’s difficult to find black girl hairstyles that can make these little dolls even more adorable than they already are. But we believe that these braided buns.

Braided High Top Bun

These side cornrows mixed with some truly fantastic twists had us all gaping. They truly are perfection in a pic! Not to mention that we went nuts for the golden hair

 Protective Hairstyles

If you’re an Afro-American queen, you already know just how important protective hairstyles really are. Therefore, we suggest you try some old-fashion braids

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