Coolest Edgy Lip Piercings For Girls

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An eye-catching twin piercing with gold rings and a labret piercing

A septum ring, a medusa stud, and two rings on either side of the nose.

An ornate lip piercing, a twin nose piercing with studs, and an intricately adorned septum piercing.

An eye-catching combination of medusa, dolphin, and septum piercings with studs.

With matching jewelry, such as medusa and snake bit piercings and piercings on the nose, tunnel, and ear lobes

Medusa piercings and vertical lip piercings done with matching jewelry for a sexy and daring style

Make your appearance even more daring with a medusa piercing, a black lip, and burgundy smoky eyes.

A gold ring on the tip of her nose, an ashley piercing, and bright pink hair make up a very daring ensemble.

You'll look sexy with a nose piercing, a vertical labret piercing, and bold hair if you have them all.

You may get a delicate but edgy aesthetic by having both your nose and snake bite piercings done with rings.

Blue hair, vertical labret and tunnel piercing, and a septum ring

Shark bites and tunnel piercings in the ears provide the impression of boldness and strength.

The septum piercing with a medusa-studdered ring for a striking and daring appearance

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