'Baywatch' star Carmen Electra celebrates 50th birthday in bright bikini

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Electra shared a video showing off her bikini body in a neon orange swimsuit the day before her birthday. She accessorized with a pink flower in her hair. She captioned the photo.

Electra first found fame as a musician and then posed for Playboy before landing a role on "Baywatch." She went on to star in parody films, including "Date Movie" and "Epic Movie."

"I had a stylist that would dress me in these sexy cut-up dresses and they were very revealing, and they were very forward," Electra previously told People magazine.

"And at the time, it was shocking," the former Playboy cover girl continued. "People were kind of like, ‘Whoa, what is that? That’s too sexy.

We need to tone that down.’ Now everyone’s wearing cutouts and being creative with that."

Electra told the outlet that while she ultimately became a trendsetter in the ‘90s, she was merely having fun on the red carpet.

"We were always experimenting, doubling [false] lashes, cutting," she explained. "I mean, this is the early ‘90s. Nobody was really wearing them.

So it was kind of like my special thing. I continued to wear them through the ‘90s, whenever I could. That was the real me."

"I mean, honestly, when I went to the grocery store, I had lashes on," Electra told the outlet. "Going to Bed, Bath and Beyond in latex. Latex and lashes. That was the ‘90s for me."