Beautiful Braided Hairstyles For Little Girls

ponytail is super pretty, neat and tidy to look at, and is not at all that hard to do! Finish off with a cute little bow at the end

Braid Ponytail

Braid style is the perfect go-to look for your daughter’s everyday hairstyle. Add cute hair bows, flowers or hair accents to embellish

Braid Pigtails

Half cornrows braid style that starts at the side. It keeps your daughter’s hair off her face while the loose, bottom half creates

Half Cornrows

 Fishtail braided buns are another popular hairstyle must-have you should keep in your repertoire

Fishtail Braided Buns

French braid is combined with 3 side ponytails that adds a stylish, asymmetric factor into the look.

French Braid

This mermaid braid come with beautiful waterfall twists, definitely a lovely style to try out for your daughters

Waterfall Twists

This is a unique hair braid style your daughter will surely love! Embellish with cute hair

Stacked Pull Braids

 Micro braids consists of multiple thin braids running the length of their hair and can be styled with colorful hair

Micro Braids

Most often styled with loose wisps of hair or curls that frame the face to result in a softer, dainty look.

Boho Braids

A cute summer hairstyle to keep your daughter’s hair looking neat and pretty, the braided updo is always, always on style

Braided Updo

A pretty stunning style you wouldn’t want your daughter to go without, the side pull through braid is easy to achieve

Side Pull Braid

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