Box braided hairstyles that look cute

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Pearl-adorned box braids

As seen by this charming pearl-adorned design, they go with everything. Play with pearls, cuffs, beads, and other embellishments to personalize your braids.

Box braids with curly ends

Try leaving off the ends of your box braids for a wavy or curly finish. Leave out a few inches for a modest appearance, or opt for longer waves like this.

Side-parted box braids

This side-parted design allows you to experiment with your box braids' sections. Prep your hair for braiding by moisturizing it well.

Box braids and scarf style

Who can resist this box braid and silk scarf combo? For the ultimate feel, go color-coordinated.

Box braids ponytail

Looking for a quick (yet gorgeous!) summer box braid updo? Consider this high ponytail with braids around the base.

Box braids with cuffs

It's simple to level up your ponytail. Add some cuffs or beads to your box braids and a white scrunchie to your hair at the crown.

Multi-colored box braids

Color isn't a bad thing when your box braids look this adorable. Colored braiding hair may take your style to new heights.

Micro box braids

Prep your scalp with a moisturizing oil before you attempt this style.

Box braids bun

This braided bun is a clever method to keep your hair off your neck in the spring and summer. Smooth a lightweight edge control along your hairline for a sleeker appearance.

Box braids ponytail

Wear this high ponytail throughout the day and pull it down at night. Keep your scalp smooth, nourished, and tension-free with a spritz of anti-itch oil or a soothing spray.

Center-parted box braids

Make like Alicia Keys and separate your box braids down the middle. Keep your ends wavy to complete the effect.

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