Haircuts for Big Foreheads to Inspire Your Next Look

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Textured Wispy Shag

Flat hair accentuates a wide forehead. Balance it out by adding bangs and some volume to the sides.

Choppy Lob

Curtain bangs are a great way to make your forehead “smaller”. Combine it with a choppy lob for the ultimate trendy look in 2022.

Curtain Bangs for a High Forehead

Take the focus off your high or wide forehead with these drop-dead gorgeous bangs. The long fringe and face-framing layers add so much glamor to the hair!

Wispy Bangs

Thin bangs are perfect for large foreheads because they provide some coverage without looking (or feeling) too heavy.

Long Parted Bangs

Make your forehead smaller by sweeping the bangs to the sides of your face. This automatically cuts off a major portion of your forehead from the people’s view.

Bed-Head Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

Who wouldn’t fall in love with hot and sultry messy haircuts for big foreheads like this one? Feathered wispy bangs and shaggy layers play together

Long Fringe

You don’t need a full fringe for a high forehead. Long layers that brush past the chin can even out a “top-heavy” face.

Choppy Layered Wavy Lob

Hairstyles for big foreheads don’t necessarily have to come with bangs. The wavy center-parted lob, for example, will do its job of minimizing the big forehead

Voluminous Curly Bob for a Wide Forehead

The sideparted no-bangs bobcuts the width of your forehead making your face visually narrower.Make it also asymmetrical,if you want to enhance slimming effect

Side-Swept Bangs

Easy, low maintenance, yet super chic, this is one of the best haircuts for big foreheads.