best Ways to Wear Long Hair Again at 50+

It’s long enough to feel long, pull back or wear up, but short enough to not get stringy at the ends. If your hair is thin, thinning or fine this is one of the best ways to keep it long.


1. Consider going shoulder length

The strong horizontal line of bangs brings the focus straight to our eyes while camouflaging forehead lines, skimpy misshapen brows and the vertical furrows 


2. Snip in bangs for an update

 Problem solved! Just adding warm highlights to any color makes an immediate difference. Whether you opt for a classic foil technique or brush on balayage streaks,

3. Add highlights to boost color and thickness


Some women part their hair the same way every day. Nothing wrong with that, but flipping the part from one side to the other or from side to center is a good idea


4. Vary the part

Those pieces should be staggered and carefully snipped to work with every part variation and hair that is straight, waved, curled or worn back or up.


5. Ask your stylist for a few layers

 You’ll need a heat protectant spray or setting spray and your choice of curling iron, hot rollers or no-heat roller to set in the curl.


6. Create sophisticated curls

Everyday ponytails require no more than a hair-toned elastic or a scrunchie and look best worn mid-head or at the nape


7. Do an adult ponytail

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