best way protect your hair from the sun

1. Get a cut

you can help your hair to weather this tough period. Having regular trims ensures that your hair is in good condition and there is less risk of split ends

2. Wear a hat

It seems obvious, but this is one of the best natural ways to protect hair from the sun. Simply cover it up, especially if you’re out when the sun is strongest.

3. Look after your colour

If your hair is coloured, then you will need to take extra care of it during sun exposure. The chemicals used to colour your hair

4. Make conditioner your new best friend

In the summer months, expect to get through a lot of conditioner! You won’t be able to avoid all sun damage to your hair and still enjoy the outdoor living we all adore

5. Be a little more wary about shampoo

Whilst conditioner is your friend, shampoo needs to be your acquaintance. We don’t recommend shampooing every day, especially during the sunny months

6. Steer clear of extra heat

If your hair is already being exposed to the sun’s rays, then it doesn’t need another heat attack from straighteners and blow drying. Limit the amount of additional heat exposure

7. Consider an overnight treatment

Hair treatments which are left in overnight can be particularly useful during the summer months. The deep conditioning can really help to keep your hair moisture-rich and lively

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