Best Supplements for Your Hairs

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Bring on the Bs. "Of the B vitamins, biotin, in particular, is great for hair health," says Gillespie. 

B-complex vitamins

Vitamin C does so many amazing things for your body. It's perhaps no surprise that vitamin C is also effective in keeping your locks healthy,

Vitamin C

"While supplements can never outweigh diet when it comes to hair health, there is no harm in incorporating a few  supplements in addition to your daily eating regimen for an added boost,


 "Taking enough biotin that replenishes what is needed by the body may offer some benefit,"


"Vitamin D deficiency is known to be associated with hair loss, although the exact mechanism by which vitamin D promotes hair growth

Vitamin D

Yep, this macronutrient that helps you build muscle also keeps your hair in great shape. 


Nutrients that support skin health can help the quality of your hair, too. "A nutritional imbalance can appear in hair loss or breakage of hair.

skin health

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