Simple and Stylish Zero Cut Hairstyles for Men Ever

Our favorite sensational celebrity, Zayn Malik, is popular for his fashion sense. His unique zero buzz cut variant with the blonde platinum hair variation

1. Zayn Malik’s Blonde Zero Haircut

Our favorite singer, Nick Jonas, has also tried out simple yet latest zero cut variant. With sub-zero haircut and lighter fade on the sides,

2. Nick Jonas’s Met-Gala Haircut

Another variant of zero cut hair with a fade is here. We love the way the haircut here transitions to fade seamlessly.

3.  Zero Haircut with a Fade

Our favorite celebrity sportsmen and icon, David Beckham, was also spotted trying the zero cut hair variant.

4. David Beckham in Zero Cut

This hairstyle is all modern in the fashion world. With burr zero hairstyle on the top and small fade on the sides.

5. Zero Cut with Stripes

If you prefer a bit thicker hair, with less than an inch all over, you can try this unique style zero cut.

6. Long Induction Zero Cut

This is a smart style preferred by the modern-day men that has fade pattern zero haircuts.

7. High Buzz Cut Fade Zero Cut Hairstyle

This zero hairstyle can be also named as the induction haircut with short buzz. These types of hair cots were preferably given to the fresh recruits

8.Induction Short Buzz Zero Cut Hairstyle

This type of number zero haircut is the coolest buzz cut that is popular among the youngsters.

9.Cool Buzz and Line-up Hairstyle

This striking zero haircut is often taken by the competitive rowers who feel that there should not be a burden or kind of an obstacle during their races.

10.Crew Cut Long Top Hairstyle

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