Best Self Hair Cut Tools That You Can Easily Use at Home

Hair clipper manufacturers realized that a huge portion of their customers cut their hair at home (shocker).

1. Conair Even Cut Rotary Hair Clipper

This is the only set of scissors that you need for that sleek do it yourself haircut. It has both, the sharp scissors and the blunt scissors.

2. Professional Hair Scissors Set

Hairlines are always in trend and especially these days where tapered sides are on the rise. 

3. Pro Outliner Fine Hair Clippers

If you ever need a comb for trimming your hair, this kit is the ultimate! These are all the sizes that one might possibly need.

4. DIY Hair Care Comb Kit

This brush comes handy while cleaning those small hair strands. It has medium to soft bristles. It can be used for forehead and face.

5. 2-Sided Club Brush

This is a charm for straight haircuts and flat tops. The best part is it comes with a leveler so that you chop hair in proportion.

6. Flat-Top Comb

A DIY haircut is all about efficiency. This brush combines with a straightening clip. 

7. Hair Straightening V Shape Comb

This mirror can be taken anywhere plus the versatility to hang it almost everywhere makes it a perfect fit for cutting

8. Portable Adjustable Tri-Fold Mirror

Those hair flying off all over your face? And wiping them off with tissue paper just doesn’t work. 

9. Haircut Special Cleaning brush for Face, Neck

Need clippers? Covered. Haircut gown? Covered. Need shaping comb? Covered too!

10. Ultimate DIY Haircut Kit

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