Best Mushroom Brown Hair Ideas 2022

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Soft Ombré Mushroom Hair Idea

Ashed-out brunettes are recommended to add warm tones like chocolate, honey, and cinnamon to their hair, not cool tones like this.

Mushroom Hair With Face-Framing Highlights

A mushroom color with two lighter, face-framing money bits is a Y2K hair style. It will add depth to your colours and work great with curtain bangs.

Warm Mushroom Brown Hair Color

The face-framing elements are golden brown, giving it a summery appeal without changing the overall tone.

Mushroom Brown Lowlights

Ask your colorist for mushroom brown lowlights for a blend of warm and cool tones. Take a screenshot for optimal results.

Short Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair is a nice, understated shade on short haircuts like this. Hair growth isn't an issue for brunettes with pixie or short cuts.

Mushroom Brown Shadow Root

That is, until you have to return every four weeks for touch-ups. Ask your colorist for a darker shadow root that suits your skin tone.

Mushroom Brown and Caramel Blend

Meet mushroom hair. This exquisite combination shows that the two of you will be happy together. Mushroom brown hair is incredibly versatile.

Mushroom Brown Highlights

Request mushroom highlights if your color is currently too warm. Use blue shampoo to counteract warmer, brassier tones.

Ashy Mushroom Brown Hair

A mushroom brown hue has cool, ashy tones, explains Rubenstein. If you already have ashy-brown hair, you won't need to do much to get this appearance.

Mushroom Brown Balayage

To test out the color without going full-on mushroom brown, get a balayage. For keep your hair looking as healthy as this, use a hair toner to help retain color.

Curly Mushroom Brown Tips

Get hand-painted highlights to define and dimensionalize your locks. And, as you know, color-treated curly hair needs extra TLC to heal damage.

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