Best Hairstyles for Women with Glasses

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An asymmetrical bob is no doubt a chic style statement. The hair is cut to jaw-length with one side at the front longer than the other.

1.Asymmetrical Bob

If you have thick luscious locks braid them down in a single jumbo braid with a side part. The braid can be kept at the back or on one side for an adorable look.

2.Jumbo Braid

Looking for a professional style? This is the best hairstyle for office-going women with glasses. The long hair is slicked back in a high ponytail with a thick strand wrapped.

3.Sleek and High Ponytail

Step up a curly bob haircut by adding some color to it.The roots are dyed in a light auburn hue that merges into a vivid lavender purple color with hot pink highlights.

5.Pink and Purple Curls

Considering the ladies who want a laid-back hairstyle with glasses have a look at this style to keep all the attention on your face.

4.Buzz Cut

Stand out in public with this hot hair look. The blonde dreads are tied up using a red head bandana matching the lips and leaving a layered fringe loose at the front.

7.Sexy Dreadlocks

Asian ladies can still look cute with glasses. Half of the shoulder-length hair is secured at back using bobby pins with a side-swept fringe falling loose on the lens.

6.Pinned Back

This is the best hairstyle for women with glasses who want an elegant appeal. The side-parted thick and curly locks are rolled up in a chic updo on one side.

9.Chic Side Updo

Show off your tight kinky curls with confidence by copying this style. The strands are layered all along to frame the face beautifully.

8.Layered Tight Curls

Beware of this contrasting hairstyle as it is not for the weak-hearted. Half of the head is buzzed evenly while the remaining hair is kept long.

10.Half Long, Half Short