Best Hairstyles for Older Women


1.Half Halo Braid

Hairstyles for older women can be as varied as the ones for younger girls. In this example, the bangs are swooped to one side and braided in a French braid.

2.Curly Layers

It doesn’t matter if your hair is naturally curly or if you regularly perm it. Consider layering your strands and creating bangs to give it movement, more volume, and a great shape.

3.Curly Box braids

Box braids can suit any age, even if you are in your 20s or 60s. This hairstyle for older women uses box braids that are later curled.

4.Long Wavy Hair

When you want to look stunning and a true professional, a more formal look is certainly the best approach. 

5. Top Purple Bun

If you are one of those women who doesn’t like to show her real age, this is a hairstyle that will totally suit you and make you look and feel younger.

6. White Bob

Once you get older, your hair becomes white and thinner, and you need to adapt your hairstyle to these inevitable changes.

7. Salt and Pepper Mohawk

This hairstyle for older women is modern and suitable for all those ladies who want to maintain a  cool look. Shave the sides and keep a long mohawk.

8. Long Purple Top

One of the best things about losing hair pigment once you get older is that now you can dye your hair in any color without needing bleach.

9. Messy Waves

Ombres and highlights are the best way to make white hairs blend beautifully with blonde and almond nuances.

10. Afro Curls

Your Afro curls need no presentation because they look absolutely gorgeous. The way white and black hairs mix offers such a highlight to your curls.

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