Best Hair Colors to Look Younger

Good job at making us look younger. If you’re a brunette, add some warmth to your look by asking your stylist for golden highlights

Golden Highlights

The tone you go for is paramount. Stay away from cool, ashy tones and add some warmth to your look with golden highlights. Go for shades like

Honey Blonde

 That’s not what you want when you’re getting older. If you’re on a mission to give your dark hair a youthful makeover, then opt for a warm

Warm Balayage

we get it. But if you’re a lady with dark locks, do yourself a favour and go for warm, chocolatey shades rather than cool brown tones

Chocolate Brown Hair

If your hair is really dark (and you’d never give it up!) – then lightening the ends with a soft, subtle balayage will do the trick. 

Subtle Warm Balayage

 How about combining them all into a beautiful, warm blend of this coppery honey blonde. Add hints of red and deep brown

Auburn and Honey Blend

Monotone color is an absolute “no” for older ladies. Opt for as many shade variations as you can – as long as they complement each other

Gold and Honey Tones

Add a bit of playfulness to your brown hair with some warmer highlights. The base will remain darker – but the highlights will do wonder

Youthful Highlights

We absolutely love sombre hair color technique – not only because light hair makes you look younger, but also because of how natural it looks

Pretty Blonde Sombre

Go for this unusual color tone known as “strawberry blonde”. Great for all skin complexions (ask your stylist to help you find the right shade

Strawberry Blonde

A wonderful color for those with a dark brown base who are looking to add some warmth and youthfulness to their look.

Blonde Balayage

An enchanting, warm balayage for women with dark hair. Adding warm color tones to your ends makes the look trendy and intriguing 

Chocolate Caramel

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