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Two-toned hair is a coloring technique that features two distinct colors. These colors can be of your choosing, but adding blue is a great way to do this if you have naturally dark hair and want to give it an update.

Jet black is a shade of black hair that is the darkest. It is a surprisingly flattering color and can complement most skin tones. This hue is also appealing because it has a shine to it

Black hair can look great when paired with other colors, letting them pop against the dark base. A color that compliments black is blue, and adding highlights to the hair will give it depth and dimension

There are many ways to wear black hair, making it a stylish and popular choice for any woman. The color suits most skin tones and can be styled in various ways to show off your hair texture. 

Black and blonde make for an interesting combination. Adding blonde highlights to the hair can create depth and dimension, but it can also lighten your hair and brighten your appearance. 

Ombre is a coloring technique that blends two colors, one light, and the other dark. It is a low-maintenance option and fantastic for giving the hair lift

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