Best Eating Habits to Shrink Belly Fat

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If your goal is to shrink belly fat, the first step is identifying the unhealthy eating habits that may have contributed to those extra pounds.

The technical word for belly fat is visceral fat and it's the most dangerous type of fat because it sits deep inside us around our organs.

1. Eating high-quality carbs

When you reach for the cookie jar to satisfy a craving for a snack, use that prompt to grab a healthier option. 

2.Snacking smarter

 "Water First" is all about taking advantage of the simplest and one of the most powerful nutrition habits we have,"

3.Drinking two glasses of water before every meal

It'll remind you to get into the habit of eating all your vegetables on your plate before moving on to anything elseā€”the bread and other starches and protein.

4. Forking your veggies first

If you're in the habit of needing dessert after every dinnertime, you don't even have to break the habit, but just a alter it a bit.

5. Satisfying a sweet tooth with fruit

Many nutritionists recommend consuming 90% of total daily calories before 8 p.m. Why?Two key reasons involve cravings and poor sleep quality.

6. Eating earlier, rather than later

wrapping up a month-long work project, or maybe we feel we deserve some dessert if we've eaten healthfully all day long.

7.Rewarding yourself, but not with food

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