Best Easter Food in Every State

Alabama keeps its Easter baskets traditional with chocolate bunnies. No shame in their game!

Chocolate Bunnies

If you're looking to enter an Easter egg-decorating contest, Alaska is just the place for you.

ALASKA: Boiled Eggs

Arizona joins Alaska in its love for boiled eggs, preferably dyed pretty pastel colors.

ARIZONA: Boiled Eggs

Forget regular jelly beans. Arkansas is all about that chewy Starburst life.

Starburst Jelly Beans

Why eat a hollow chocolate egg when you could chomp on a caramel-filled one instead?

CALIFORNIA: Caramel Eggs

Coloradoans can't resist a decorated Easter egg, and who can blame them?

Boiled Eggs

Connecticut residents' Easter baskets are stuffed with chocolate bunnies with care.

Chocolate Bunnies

Love them or hate them, Peeps are everywhere when spring comes around.


Let's hope those caramel eggs aren't melting in the Florida sun.

FLORIDA: Caramel Eggs

Georgians know that jelly beans are just as good as chocolate candy.

GEORGIA: Jelly Beans

Hawaii doesn't want to mess with a classic, and that classic is the chocolate Easter bunny.

Chocolate Bunnies

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