7 Ingredients You Should Avoid if You Have Curly Hair

Usually found in shampoo, sulfates provide the rich lather we expect when washing our hair. They act as surfactants, which break down the oils and impurities on the scalp.


Parabens are used in many cosmetic products, as they provide preservative and fungicidal properties. While the function parabens provide is essential, there are studies that have proven.


The word formaldehyde likely invokes images of science class and critters preserved in glass jars.



Silicones are often found in conditioners for their ability to smooth and soften the hair. They form a thin coating around the hair.

Before discussing alcohols in hair products, it's important to distinguish that there are fatty alcohols and drying alcohols. 


Seeing salicylic acid as an ingredient for hair care might be surprising to you if you have only ever used it to treat acne and facial skin.

Salicylic Acid

There is no denying that the scent of products plays a major role in whether we choose to use them or not—especially on our hair.


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