Archive 81- The slow building horror!

"Archive 81," a local-filmed horror series that premieres on Netflix on Friday.

Filming in Pittsburgh resumed following the COVID-19 pandemic closure in March 2020 with this show, which is based on the found-footage horror podcast of the same name.

"Archive 81" is a show that encourages, no, begs for, critical thinking throughout.

In "Archive 81," the filmmakers take some big, generation-spanning themes and reduce them to a banal presentation, which saps the film's otherwise transcendent impact.

The first few minutes of the show focus on Museum of the Moving Image employee Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who receives an unexpected employment offer.

Working alone in a remote location, Dan carefully restores fire-damaged footage from an interview series he conducted in a New York apartment building in 1994 with the help of a one-man crew.

Melody Pendras, the project's architect, shoots more than simply ordinary over-the-shoulder conversations, allowing Dan to piece together a tale behind the story occurring at the Visser Apartments.

Both timeframes are explored extensively in "Archive 81," with Dan trapped in his drab, minimalist video lab and Melody enquiring about some of Visser's odder habits with tenants.

Things get weirder in 1994 for Melody, and Dan's simultaneous hunt for answers almost 30 years later is the focus of the show.

The first few episodes of "Archive 81" drag because seeing someone stare at ancient footage isn't all that exciting.

This is not a show for the faint of heart, since there is quite a bit of graphic bloodshed in it.

Even though "Archive 81" begins slowly and builds momentum, you'll soon find yourself in the same bizarre new universe as Dan does.

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