15 delicious apple desserts the whole family will enjoy

Okay, so this is more of a breakfast dessert. Make these apple fritters from The Pioneer Woman to tide your guests over till supper.

1. Apple fritters

The kids will beg for leftovers for breakfast the next day.

2. Apple crisp

This delicious flaky pastry will tempt the whole family to eat with their hands.

3. Apple hand pies

Enjoying a cup of coffee and some spongy apple coffee cake is a great way to either gear up or unwind after a long day of holiday cooking.

4. Apple coffee cake

Here's a fancy-looking dessert that's surprisingly simple to make

5. Apple tart

Make this delicious loaf of bread and your family will ask you to serve it at every meal rather than just on special occasions.

6. Apple bread

Sprinkles and other toppings are optional, but they are always a popular when the fall season comes around.

7. Caramel-dipped apples

This Thanksgiving, skip the overly sweet variety and make a healthy bar recipe, such as this one from Eating Well Magazine.

8. Apple bars

This dessert is like a cross between an apple tart and apple bread. It's easy to make but tastes great.

9. Apple cake

A spiralling apple galatte is a thing of beauty. Like us, you prefer a rustic freeform galette.

10. Apple galette

These scones are a delicious sweet and savoury baked treat that may be served for breakfast the next day.

11.Apple cheddar scones

An apple regard that is extra sweet but a little messy to eat.

12. Chocolate caramel-coated apples

Skip the store-bought pie this Thanksgiving and try this easy recipe from LittleSweetBaker.com.

13. Apple pie a la mode

This apple danish recipe from TasteOfHome.com is a delicious pastry that both adults and children will enjoy.

14. Apple danish

SmittenKitchen.com has a delicious recipe for apple cider doughnuts.

15. Apple cider doughnuts

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