Ulta apologizes for ‘insensitive choice of words’ about late designer Kate Spade

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Ulta Beauty has issued an apology after an email was sent to customers inviting them to "hang" with late fashion icon Kate Spade, who died by suicide in 2018 at age 55.

The beauty brand's initial email, sent Sunday, included the subject line, "Come hang with Kate Spade" followed by heart emojis.

The body of the email contained information about Kate Spade's perfume "Sparkle".Consumers quickly reacted to the brand's marketing outreach.

"I cannot believe I got this email today. Is this some kind of sick joke?" one user wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of the email. "How insensitive and absolutely tone deaf

Apparently nobody in marketing at Ulta remembers how Kate Spade died. Disgusting."Another pointed out the email was sent on May 1, the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month.

"Whoever wrote the incredibly crass email headline at Ulta for the Kate Spade event yesterday also managed to do it on the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month," the user wrote.

"An ignominious start by demonstrating the carelessness people tend to have around this topic."

On Monday, the brand issued an apology via email to customers for their "insensitive choice of words" in the previous email.

“In an email we recently sent featuring the kate spade new york brand of fragrances, a very insensitive choice of words was used and for that we are very sorry,” the emailed apology began.

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