9 Best Layered Medium Length Hairstyles


1. Medium Shoulder Length Hair With Layers

A shoulder length style is a classicly beautiful one. You can choose the layers you want to maximize the desired effect. If you keep hair shorter in the back

2. Shoulder Length Hair With Bold Bangs

Bold bangs make a new style look extra fresh. Have them cut in line with your brows, or just above to achieve the look. To make bangs less blunt

3. Long Layers And One Length Cut

You can keep your hair all one length instead of asymmetrical and add in long layers for a more polished cut. The caramel highlights shown are perfect 

4. Short Layers In the Front medium bob hairstyle

To draw attention to the features on your face, ask for some shorter layers in the front. These layers can end in different spots.

5. Long Hair With Shorter Layers

If you don’t want to have too much of hair taken off, you can keep it long, while adding in lots of layers. This look really plays with different layers

6. Use Color On Long Layers

The use of dye can amplify different layers in hair. This balayage achieves just that. with lighter colors really making some of the shorter lengths

7. trendy lob hair style for shoulder length hair

Trendy medium hairstyles for women: A pale blonde shade looks absolutely beautiful on layers. The color doesn’t have to be fully platinum. 

8. Think Pink

Pink, or any other color from the rainbow choices the salon will have, can give your medium layers a pretty feel. The style shown is a great way to add just a small amount of color.

9. Don’t Shy Away From Being Bold

An even bolder look like this one is great for those who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Starting with an ombre color, the different shades of pink shown

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