9 Stunning Crystal Bracelet Designs

Swarovski elements are in vogue these days, with the Swarovski crystals in sarees, accessories, watches, jewellery etc.

1. Swarovski Crystal Bracelets

As the name suggests, healing crystal bracelets are for healing and treatment of diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, etc.

2. Healing Crystal Bracelets

These bracelets are clear in appearance and white in colour and transparent. They are very elegant to look at and can be teamed with gowns and dresses.

3. Clear Bracelets With Crystals

Pearls bracelets with crystals!! A lethal combination for that drop-dead gorgeous looks. They are just ethereal, and one look at these Pearl bracelets.

4.  Pearls With Crystals Bracelet

These patterned crystal bracelets are flat and thick for that elegant, fuller look of accessories adorning the wrist.

5. Crystal Bracelets With Patterns

As the name suggests, bracelets are made of precious stones such as turquoise, quartz, amethyst etc.

6. Crystal Bracelets With Stones

The colours that never go wrong are black and white. Incorporate these in crystal bracelets, and there you are, a fashion icon.

7. Black and White Crystal Bracelets

Diamond crystal bracelets may be the most expensive but the prettiest of all the bracelets. The crystal diamond bracelet with solitaire has lustre. 

8. Diamond Crystal Bracelets

Charms cannot be left behind when we talk of bracelets, and if the charms are crystals, then there is a stunning piece of funky accessory in hand. 

9. Crystal Charm Bracelets

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