9 Practical Short Nail Designs To Try

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black and white flowers

Nail art in white and black is really amazing, particularly when it's coupled with something typically feminine like flowers.

red half moons

Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, this half-moon cut-out pattern is sure to draw attention.

emoji nails

A dotting tool and three nail polish colours — nude, yellow, and black — are all you need to create this lovely smiley-face manicure.

blue tips

The end effect is a sleek, contemporary style that can be worn with any kind of nail shape or length.

light skittles

Another significant craze in the last two years was Skittles manis, or rainbow manicures with a distinct colour on each nail. 

Daisy Art Nails

The daisy's simplicity makes it a simple and popular pattern to experiment with, and it works well with a variety of base coats.

graphic edge

Nail art that utilises negative space is always going to be on-trend, and this geometric black and gold version is no exception.

pretty purples

It's fantastic how the softness of the purple contrasts with the sharpness of the geometric forms.

flower power

This bright manicure gives you access to a dose of floral power whenever you need it.

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