9 Outfits To Prove +Size Women Can Wear Any Trend

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As soon as I heard the '70s were back "in," I knew that would mean an influx of trippy prints and ensembles fit for post-Woodstock days.

1. The Psychedelic Prints & Fanny Packs

If black is the quintessential hue for fat girls, then "pastels" are definitely the antithesis.It's commonly accepted that plus-size women should strive to wear black as much as possible

2. The Pastels

I have been wanting to try out a cape dress since seeing Rebel Wilson rock the look at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

3. The Cape Dress Or Romper

I have a distinct memory of my mother owning a pair of trousers exactly like these in the early '90s, when wide-leg cuts were all the rage.

4. Wide-Legged Pants

Every couple of years, the nautical trend makes some kind of comeback. But I'm proud to say I've been sporting the trend since 1993.

5. The Nautical Trend

Plus-size women are usually told not to wear white-on-white ever. In a similar vein to pastels, white is a hue not traditionally deemed "flattering."

6. White On White

There are two fruits I think about when I think "summer:" coconuts and pineapples. And 2015 has seen an abundance of pineapple-print fashion. 

7. The Pineapple Print

Although it has yet to be deemed an "official 2015 trend," I've been noticing a lot of what I like to describe as the "vintage cheerleader look.

8. The Vintage Cheerleader

Anything "too fitted" seems to be a risk a lot of plus-size women aren't willing to take. Again, I totally respect having a preference for looser, more breathable wears.

9. The Summer Pencil Dress

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