9 Ombré Nail Design Ideas part-2

Dark Navy and Black Ombre

This lovely nail art is made up of navy blue and black colors used in conjunction.

Powder Blue and Ivory

This lovely blue ombre manicure was created using baby soft blue colors.

Hot Pink and Neon Orange

If you like neon pink, you’ll love the brilliance of this ombre effect.

Pastel Pink and Lavender

The words “luxurious and exquisite” perfectly describe this lovely nail design.

Pinkish and Grayish Sparkles

This lovely nail art design incorporates glitter. Color your little fingernail, thumb-nail, and pointer fingernails in a lovely gray shade.

Purple Pinks

What better way to include pastel hues into your fingernail painting style than to follow the current beauty industry trend?

Pinky Blues

Isn’t it true that pink and blue make the most stunning color combination? Choose your favorite light pink and blue colors and combine them.

Diamante French Manicures

Diamantes may change a traditional nail art style into something that is truly one-of-a-kind. This lovely design features diamonds and transitions from pinkish to whites.

Pinkish and Whiteish Glitterati

That is precisely how we would describe this look: flashy and sparkly! This nail art is perfect for a special occasion or a night out in the town! T

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