9 Fringe Hairstyles for Brides 2022

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The Braided Sun is a stunning wedding hairstyle. It's a fringe, with the rest braided upwards. This sassy hairstyle works well on both medium and long hair types.

Braided Bun with Front Bangs

It's not your average ponytail. The hair is styled with a front fringe and a ponytail on the sides. It's bold and flattering on all faces. 

Ponytail with Bangs

Front bangs are magnificent in this vintage hairstyle, leaving the rest braided. It works well on long to medium hair. It will show your jovial side and attract people.

Bouffants with Side Bangs

This royal wedding hairstyle stuns. Creating a front fringe with the hair is a breeze with this bun hairstyle.

Floral Crown with Side Bangs

This unique wedding hairstyle is rare. There's a trendy updo and front fringe. It'll shape you and your hair. The hair is beautifully textured and natural.


A beehive-like hairstyle This was a 1960s hairstyle. One of the most amazing wedding hairstyles has been created by stylists.

Banging Beehive

In addition to being stylish, the fishtail plait looks great on long hair. A sophisticated fringe is created. The perfect fishtail is formed by tying the hair ends.

Fishtail Plait

With several updos and a unique ponytail. The majority of the hair is in a bun but is kept down. Hairstyles that resemble headbands

Low Bun with Updo

The backcomb ponytail is a cute style. Swings to brow level. To create the perfect ponytail, the hair is blown dry and brushed efficiently.

Backcomb Ponytail

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