9 Coolest Neck Tattoo Ideas to Try

Neck tattoos look well on people of all sizes, but little tattoos look especially beautiful here.

1. Small Neck Tattoo

Because he leads the Army of God, weighs the souls of the dead, and protects the Church, St Michael is a popular choice among Christian males.

2. Religious Neck Tattoo

A crown neck tattoo proclaims that each individual is the ruler of his life. Many guys get a crown tattoo to commemorate a great success in their lives.

3. Crown Neck Tattoo

Even in the dark, the stars remind us that there is light. Star tattoos are still popular among guys for both of these reasons.

4. Star Neck Tattoo

For many, doves represent hope and new beginnings because of their significance in the Biblical story of Noah.

5. Dove Neck Tattoo

Butterflies represent passing through a difficult situation but still flying aloft.

6. Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Nautical-themed anchors will never go out of style.

7. Anchor Neck Tattoo

There's a reason a rose tattoo is so popular. With tiered petals, the subject lends itself to practically any tattooing technique.

8. Rose Neck Tattoo

The ouroboros is an old symbol of a snake or serpent devouring its own tail, which can represent infinity or the birth-death cycle.

9. Snake Neck Tattoo