9 Awesome Star Wars Tattoo Ideas

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star wars sith tattoo

The dark lords of the force, the Sith, are the Jedi's archenemies and are to blame for most of the galaxy's turmoil.

ObiWan tattoo

First Order, the Galactic Empire, and the Rebel Alliance are the main players in the galaxy. Which side you are on.

watercolor tattoo

Wavy lines and bright colour splashes combine in watercolour Star Wars tattoos to create lively and exciting sceneries.

boba fett tattoo

The upper arm's cartoonish appearance is stunning. The rich and gorgeous hues are a big plus.

chewie star wars tattoo

In spite of the lack of colour in this Star Wars tattoo, the wearer's personality can be clearly conveyed.

droid star wars tattoo

The wearer's leg has been adorned with a stunning and vibrant design.

yoda star wars tattoo

The design on the wearer's body is crafted to perfection. It has a very dynamic look to it.

han solo tattoo

When it comes to Star Wars tattoos, the most popular choice is to create a REALISTIC design.

darth vader tattoo

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of Darth Vader or the Imperial Flag, there's something for everyone.

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