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You’ll want to start by soaking your feet, Ramos recommended. This can come in the form of taking a long shower or intentionally soaking your feet separately in a basin of water


Soak your feet

Piacentino, Ramos and Andersen recommend cutting your toenails straight across and making sure to round the edges. If you don’t, sharp edges can become painful ingrown

Cut and file your toenails


Describing the process as “exfoliating the top layer of your nail,” Piacentino suggests using a buffer to lightly buff the top of the nails on your hands and feet once a week.

Buff the nails


When it comes to managing calluses, a pumice stone is the safest way to go for at-home care, Andersen and Piacentino agree. However, you should be sure

Use a pumice stone on calluses


Since your cuticles act as a protective barrier to the nail, cutting it away removes that layer of protection and opens up the possibility of infection.

Do not cut your cuticles


Just like the rest of your body, moisturizing is an important part of the pedicure process. Moisturize your feet after removing calluses because the won’t penetrate the thickened skin.



The key to long-lasting polish on your toes is an application process that steps around hydrated cuticles, Piacentino advised.

Keep your cuticles hydrated for longer-lasting polish


You’ve done it! You've completed an at-home pedicure and you’re now left with soft feet and polished toes. Just don’t forget to change your 

Don’t keep your polish on for too long


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