08 Kulot Hair Care Habits for Pinays

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Because kulot hair is prone to frizz and dryness, applying hair serum can help make your curls look smoother and sleeker without weighing them down.

1.Turn to styling products for help.

Using a hair conditioner is a necessity for kulot hair. It gives your locks extra moisture to prevent frizz and to make it easy to manage.

2.Always condition your hair.

Kulot hair tends to be dry, and your natural oils help provide the moisture it needs.

3.Shampoo your hair less often.

Combing out your curls using an ordinary brush or a fine-tooth comb is a no-no. This causes the curls to break up, making your hair more prone to frizz.

4.Skip the brush.

A diffuser dries your kulot hair without ruining or damaging its shape, but go easy on the heat. This way, you don’t dry out your curls.

5.Set your diffuser on low heat.

It’s very tempting to keep touching curly hair throughout the day to make sure that each ringlet is still in place.

6.Leave your hair be

Putting your kulot hair up? Use spiral hair ties instead of regular hair elastics or rubber bands.

7. Use spiral hair ties

 Not all hairstylists know how to cut curly hair properly, especially here in the Philippines, where curly girls often get asked if they want a rebond upon entering.

8.Go to an experienced hairstylist

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