8 Common Face Washing Mistakes You Don't Even Realize You're Making

Mistake #1: You’re washing your face with dirty hands

If you cleanse your skin with your hands, you must be certain that they’re clean before they get anywhere near your face.

Mistake #2: You’re using the wrong cleanser

It seems pretty obvious, but all of your cleansing efforts will be for naught if you use a product that’s ill-suited for your skin type.

Mistake #3: The water temperature is too high 

Raise your hand if you wash your face with hot water.Many people do,but it’s not the best practice to follow.Hot water can strip your skin of its moisture

Mistake #4: You’re exfoliating too frequently

Exfoliation is a great way to eliminate dead skin cells from skin’s surface and allow new, radiant skin to peek through.

Mistake #5: You’re skipping a morning cleanse

You never fall asleep without cleansing off makeup and the day’s grime (right?!), but are you following suit in the morning as well?

Mistake #6: You’re applying cleanser incorrectly 

If you think cleansing is just a quick rub, rinse & done,think again. There’s a proper method that should be followed in order to see the best results.

Mistake #7: You’re rubbing your skin dry 

Aggressively rubbing your skin after cleansing with a towel can cause irritation and redness. Treat your skin like the delicate organ it is by gently patting.

Mistake #8: You’re not immediately following up with moisturizer 

While your skin is still damp, immediately apply moisturizer to lock in any lost moisture. If it’s the A.M, use a day cream—SPF!

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