8 Best Beard Styles for Older Men in 2022


The Heavy Stubble Beard

Older gentlemen with have sharp, angular faces don’t have to do much more than not shave for a few days to look good. 

The Short Boxed Beard

As far as beards go, the short boxed beard is the most common and easiest to pull off, no matter what face shape you have. It’s a step above the heavy stubble beard

The Full Beard

If you have beard thickness and patience, the full beard is excellent for the older gentleman

The Old Dutch/Verdi

These beard styles are both a play-off of the full beard with some mustache extravagance. 

The Donegal Beard

The Donegal beard is also known as the Shenandoah, spade beard, the Lincoln, Amish beard, or chin curtains.

The Ducktail Beard

Ducktail beards are a hybrid of a short box and full beard. The sides, neck, and mustache are trimmed short, while the chin is left long to a point.

Fork Beard

The fork beard, or French fork, is the ultimate power move beard. These beards are another variation of the full beard and don’t really begin to shine until after several inches

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