7 Women With Textured Buzz Cuts Open Up About How Empowering It Feels

"I cut off my hair for the first time back in 2009 when Solange did it. Ever since then, I was hooked. 

1. Janell

"I never wanted to be defined by my hair, but it has always been such a special part of my expression.

2. Lakin

"I think every woman, more specifically Black women, should cut off their hair at some point in their lifetime.

3. Darnelle

"To be honest, I felt completely vulnerable at first, but that was the point. I cut it so I could own my inner beauty. 

4. Erika

"Cutting my hair unlocked a level of confidence and self-love I had yet to experience.

5. Lola

"I was always frustrated that my hair never looked perfect due to weather conditions, working out, or dance.

6. Zhané

"I attached my hair to my femininity for too long, and one day, that stopped making sense.

7. Donette

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