7 Health Strategies For Men Over 60

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Hydration is rarely a priority. We lose our sense of thirst as we age, and waiting until we are thirsty is too late.

Stay hydrated

Everything works better when you slept well. To support your circadian rhythm, that 24-hour cycle of night and day, it's important to keep a schedule.

Get enough shut-eye

Stress is known to age people, causing heart disease, high blood pressure, and other ailments. It can also keep you from relaxing with your family.

Manage your stress

Adults are supposed to exercise for 15 minutes three or four times a week, but only 15 to 20% of adults do. That's why 68% of Americans are obese.

Keep exercising

Most people, even regular exercisers, do not stretch. They skip it first. Stretching improves flexibility and helps build strong muscles and bones.

Be more flexible

Muscle strength is important for healthy shoulders, knees, and other joints, especially for older men.

Make some muscles

Popular low-carb diets for older men because protein is difficult to digest and contains more calories per volume than most complex carbohydrates.

Watch your diet

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