7 Best Fast-Food Cheeseburgers

Checkers, aka Rally's, has "Crazy Good Food." Or so their slogan says. It has great seasoned fries and huge milkshakes, but what about the cheeseburger?

7. Checkers

Despite being our second to last cheeseburger, one of our editors says she is a changed woman after trying the Burger King cheeseburger. 

6. Burger King

After a night out, a McDonald's cheeseburger is usually delicious, especially with French fries. The Golden Arches aren't all they're cracked up to be when compared to other cheeseburgers

5. McDonald's

So the name Smashburger suits the company's food style. Served on a butter-toasted artisan bun, this burger is right in the middle of our rankings.

4. Smashburger

This is a taste test. Even though the Wendy's cheeseburger was smushed and lopsided, the square patty easily outperformed others in some areas.

3. Wendy's

While the rankings tied these last two cheeseburgers, the comments ranked them. We love Shake Shack because it won our chocolate milkshake and French fries taste tests.

2. Shake Shack

Not surprisingly, this massive cheeseburger topped our list. It's hard to argue with a sandwich this big, and most of our tasters agreed. This cheeseburger is for meat lovers.

1. Five Guys

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