6 Ways Eating Quinoa Helps You Lose Weight


1 It's high in fiber.

Quinoa contains five grams of dietary fiber per one cup cooked. "Consuming a high-fiber diet is often the missing piece when a person is trying to lose weight

2 It's a low-calorie food.

"For the bulk of quinoa, it packs not a lot of calories," says registered dietitian Jonathan Valdez, RDN, owner of Genki Nutrition and a spokesperson 

3 It's high in protein.

Quinoa is also high in protein, and it contains eight grams per cup. It also contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

4.It pairs well with vegetables and lean meats.

"When combined with lean meats and vegetables, quinoa heightens satiety," says Valdez. "Keep this consistent, and you will shed the unwanted weight."

5 It's high in manganese.

Quinoa is chock full of vitamins and minerals, and contains an especially high dose of manganese.

6 It's quick and easy to cook.

Another plus about quinoa: it's quick and easy to cook, so anyone can add it into their healthy eating plan.

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