5 Skincare Tips Learned from TikTok's

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The Secret to Radiant Skin is Simpler Than You Think

With the multitude of options available to us, it can be challenging to decide what products to use and how to use them.

"I truly think that skincare is way too confusing," he says. Still, despite the crowded market, Dr. Shah says a comprehensive routine boils down to three things: "Cleanse, treat and protect the skin,"

Suncare Is Critical For Skin Health

"A disservice in social media and dermatology is that we don't show the full scope of what dermatology is doing,"

"My practice is 50% cancer surgery, and so much of what I'm seeing is from not wearing sunscreen," he adds. Skin cancer is the most common cancer globally and in the United States

Retinol Is Worth Considering

Retinol is an ingredient that dermatologists love. Still, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding it on social media. 

 "It takes two to three months to see an improvement in acne and three to six months for pigmentation and wrinkles," 

You Can Never Have Too Much Skincare Education

"It's giving people the education they need to make better healthcare and skincare decisions,"

"The duet feature [on TikTok] helps correct misinformation and hold people accountable," he says. "The blend of dermatologists, aestheticians, and nurse injectors creating content also

The Derm-Approved Products He's Loving 

With a world of products at his disposal, I was eager to learn about the ones Dr. Shah thinks are truly worth it. 

Nothing is truly a miracle,but it is brightening,non-irritating&helps with depuffing and fine lines,Dr.also recommends Paula's Choice Clinical1% Retinol Treatment for people experienced with retinol.

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