5 Signs Of Natural Hair Damage

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1. Split ends

Split ends are pretty much a universal sign of damage. Examine your ends for separation and short, broken off pieces.

If the results look grim, go ahead and get your ends trimmed to maintain the integrity of the rest of your hair.


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2. Unruly mane

When hair suddenly seems to have a mind its own, takes longer to style or seems extra frizzy and out of control, damage could be the culprit.

Get back on course with Wella’s Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Coarse Hair to smooth things out. This conditioner is a favorite of our tutorial guru, Chris!

3. High porosity

So, let’s say that you moisturize your curl situation and then notice that your hair seems to lose that moisture a little too quickly. 

What? Well, damaged hair is more porous,which can result in problems retaining hydration & even hair color.Some curl types are more porous than others so consider what your healthy hair normally does.

4. Extra-fragile strands

Rough, brittle strands are tell-tale for hair that’s in desperate need of hydration.

Got curls that are rough or fragile to the touch? Use Wella Oil Reflections to seal in moisture and revive your mane ASAP.

5. Increased breakage

It’s normal to experience shedding and see random coils lying around on some occasions – like, say, wash day or when you’re detangling – but when breakage is excessive.

It’s never great to discover your hair is damaged, but knowing is half the battle. Once you know what you’re up against, you can work on turning your hair’s health around.

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