5 Best Drinks That Lower Blood Pressure

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One Glass Of Tomato Juice Every Day May Help To Keep Your Heart Healthy. Make Sure To Choose Unsalted Tomato Juice To Avoid Extra Sodium.

1. Tomato Juice

The Effects Of Consuming One Cup Of Tomato Juice Per Day On Persons With Heart Disease Risk Factors Were Studied By Japanese Researchers.

Low-Calorie Veggies Are High In Vitamins, Minerals, And Plant Chemicals That Promote Good Health, And They May Also Help Decrease Blood Pressure.

2. Beet Juice

Beets Are High In Dietary Nitrates, A Chemical That Has Been Shown To Decrease Blood Pressure. These Advantages Outweighed The Effects Of Nitrates Alone.

Constipation Has Traditionally Been Associated With Prune Juice. Prune Juice Also Decreases Blood Pressure, Which Is A Lesser-Known Health Advantage.

3. Prune Juice

Drink A Glass Of 100% Prune Juice Or Prepare Your Own By Blending Soaking Prunes To Benefit From These Advantages.

Pomegranates Are High In Minerals Like Folate And Vitamin C, But They Also Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties. So, Pomegranate Juice Can Play A Role In A Heart-Healthy Diet.

4. Pomegranate Juice

The Effects On Systolic Blood Pressure Were Unaffected By How Long Or How Much Pomegranate Juice Was Drank.

Berries, Particularly Blueberries, Have Antioxidant Qualities Similar To Pomegranates. The Benefits To The Heart, On The Other Hand, Are Less Well-Known.

5. Berry Juice

The Researchers Found That Berries May Have Cardiovascular Advantages, But Additional Research Is Needed To Fully Understand Their Function In Heart Disease.

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