15 Mac & Cheese Hacks You Have to Try

Combine with Chili

Two soothing favourites come together in one pot. It's has lean ground turkey, two cans of beans, and loads of cheese.

Infuse with Truffles

Make mac & cheese posh by adding truffles to the mix. Fortunately, the ingredients aren't expensive.

Make it Mini-Sized

bite-sized portions taste better  Macaroni and cheese baked in muffin tins make perfect little appetisers that are both creamy and crunchy.

Sneak in an Extra Serving

The roasted butternut squash melts into the creamy cheese sauce, adding a deep flavour.

 Crispy Waffles

The golden-brown fried cheese edges to that gooey, cheesey middle, this meal will definitely blow you away.

Sub in Gnocchi Pasta

Soak up the delicious cheese sauce with these plump potato dumplings.


Enjoy the creamy delight of classic baked mac & cheese with the flavour and brightness of caprese salad.

Sandwich Filling

Pancetta Mac & Cheese Panini Sandwiches - Ingenious and tasty! The mac & cheese is elevated by the cured pancetta and crispy grilled toast.

 Flavor with Blue Cheese & Bacon

Blue cheese and bacon can instantly change a dish. smoky, crispy bacon, and

 Quiche, and Top with Bacon Weave

Make a savoury quiche with mac & cheese and crispy latticed bacon. Bacon and eggs always win.

Fry it

These mac and cheese balls feature the crispy, crunchy exterior of baked mac and cheese.

Stir in Some Pesto

Basil pesto gives normally golden mac & cheese a delightful scent and a vibrant green hue.

Stuff it Peppers

The peppers are packed with mac and cheese, which is topped with spicy tiny meatballs

Caramelized Onions

Toss the pasta in the caramelised strands, which nicely compliment the creamy cheddar and gruyere sauce.

Make it in One Dish

The dry pasta cooks in the extra creamy sauce in the baking dish. Better taste and less dishes

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