15 chips flavours should come in U.S.

The Czechs invented the mushroom potato chip. Leave it to Bohemia, a Czech snack food company that also offers prosciutto and paprika flavours.

1. Mushroom
- Czech Republic

Why did our parents tell us to eat less junk food and more fruit? This scenario would've required us to grow up in China, forever altering our childhoods.

2. Blueberry, Kiwi - China

President's Choice is a Canadian company, so you'll have to cross the border (the northern one) to get one.

3. Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese - Canada

Fast-forward almost 30 years and Lay's bought Walkers. Like this German bratwurst sausage, it has many “normal” flavours.

4. German Bratwurst Sausage - England

Instead, try Funny-Chipsfrisch Frisch's currywurst potato chips. We're not sure what to believe since currywurst is served with French fries.

5. Currywurst Style - Germany

People either love or hate vegemite. You must try Smith's, a British-Australian snackfood company's chips.

6. Vegemite - Australia

However, we will give Lay's Thailand branch a chance (more on that later). We didn't believe it existed unless seen in black and white.

7. Baked Bacon Cheese with Seaweed - Thailand

Mrs. H.S. Ball's Chutney-flavored Potato Chips puzzles us, especially with a name like that. The packaging led us to believe they were lion-flavored.

8. Chutney - South Africa

Real's potato chips are hand-cooked and packaged in unique, greaseproof bags. Some even contain jokes! With roast ox and the other seven options, we wish America could get Real.

9. Roast Ox - England

A bag of Lay's Hot & Sour Fish Soup potato chips may seem daunting, but there may be a less jarring way to eat this snack. Maybe crumbled over hot and sour fish soup.

10. Hot & Sour Fish
Soup - China

Caviar isn't for everyone, but if you like it, these Lay's Red Caviar chips might be right for you, especially if you live in Russia.

11. Red Caviar - Russia

While Americans eat their burgers with chips, Europeans can enjoy cheeseburger-flavored chips thanks to Chio, a subsidiary of German snack maker Intersnack.

12. Cheeseburger
- Germany

Nothing beats a bag of good old potatoes laced with... marmite? At least, that's what the bag says.

13. Marmite Yeast Extract
- England

The sophisticated Japanese cousin of Doritos who went to boarding school in France It's also part of the Doritos "Gourmet" line, which we've always wanted to try.

14. Hokkaido Camembert Cheese - Japan

"Whisky" got us. Then you lost us at "haggis," but we remembered "whisky," and everything was fine. These are only available in Scotland because they are made by Mackie's.

15. Whisky & Haggis
- Scotland

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